Funny chess problem in four acts

Funny chess problem in four acts

May 29, 2017, 10:45 AM |

Recently, I've stumbled upon a very entertaining chess problem in four acts.

Act One

The task is as follows: White returns his last move and mates Black in one move.

Act Two

In the second act, the position is transferred up the board:

The task remains the same. White returns a move and then mates in one.

Act Three

The story doesn't end here. If we move the position up the board once again, we get the following position:

Once again, return the move for White, and mate the Black king.

Act Four

Finally, after another transfer, the final act of this entertaining problem is reached:

You know the task, but can you find the solution?
I will not post the solutions here, in order not to spoil the fun of solving these puzzles.
Those interested in the solution can visit my blog:
The solution, together with additional entertaining problems, is available at the link above.