Finally cracked 1800... and my journey

Oct 24, 2015, 9:54 PM |

Well, I did not expect to write two chess blogs in 1 day, but after playing so much chess, (when I really should be studying Laughing), there were many events that I wanted to write it down.


So... at long last, I finally cracked 1800 rating on Blitz. It's been  2 years since I made this account on At that time, I just came back from years of hiatus from chess, so I had forgotten how difficult it was to get good at this game. 

I thought the world was mine to conquer, and even though I started as a lowly 1200, I racked up wins after wins and made it to 1400s by December of 2013. 

By January 2014, I was thinking about becoming a 2000. But as soon as I cracked 1500, LITERALLY, as soon as I reached it, I ran into a brick wall that were the 1500s players. They hammered me down mercilessly back to mid 1400s, and after that, I gave up blitz in favor of longer time control.


I remained faithful to 30+ min time control, until February 2015, when I suffered a humiliating defeat due to lost connection and lag issues. I was furious, even though I had no reason to be. 


It's a bad excuse to come back to Blitz, but come back I did. I picked up exactly where I left off, mid 1400s. 

Now, by this time, I was much stronger player than I was in 2014, so I had no trouble cruising my way into the 1500s. But the 5/0s and the 5/5s were WAY too fast. Even in completely won position, I was simply too slow and would lose either on time, or by blundering. I decided there is no point to this, and settled on 10/0.


10/0 felt right at home for me. After all, that was the time control I used in 2013. With more time to think, I no longer lost winning positions (mostly that is) and cracked into 1600s, then into 1700s.

I was getting excited. I knew it was only a matter of time for me to crack 1800 at this rate. I was SO close too. I reached 1795, tantalizingly close. Just 1 more win. JUST 1 MORE WIN, and I would crack 1800. But it wasn't to be.


I proceed to lose something like 5 games straight, and remained stuck in mid 1700s. Then, for whatever reason, I began playing 5/0s. At first, my rating plummeted to 1600s, and even to 1500s at one point I think. I was simply not used to this fast of a time control, and I was definitely not ready to be facing mid 1700 level 5/0 players.


But I just kept playing... and playing... and playing...and eventually, I became accustomed to this time control. I began noticing tactics and threats faster(at least I think I do Laughing), and I make decisions faster (whether they are good or not is entirely different issue).

Over the past month or 2, I came back to 1700s, and began eyeing the elusive 1800. And steadily, I made my way into the high 1700s, eventually getting strong enough to take games off high 1700s and low 1800s pretty regularly.


And today, TODAY... I finally did it. The ever elusive (for me that is) 1800...  What's most surprising is that, I did it with opening I have very little experience with, Najdorf and Noteboom. You would think that in order to gain rating points at high level, you would have to rely on the openings you know best, but apparantly not in my case. I have never played either of these two openings before and I only started using them on September. I guess the double-edged nature of these two openings are making a difference? I don't know... I'm just happy to play chess. Just be comfortable with just getting a position and start playing chess.