Memorable Miniatures of the Month: July 2015

Memorable Miniatures of the Month: July 2015

Aug 2, 2015, 12:38 AM |

Well, July seems to be a plateau month for me. I entered this month as 1750, and I leave as 1748. So not a lot of improvement, if any.

One of the biggest reason for my drop in playing strength is simply playing too fast. Whether I'm just on tilt after losing a game, or just in auto-pilot mode and unable to notice the nuances of the position in what looks like a familiar opening positions, I just make way too many mistakes that I know I wouldn't make if I take some time (I know this is an excuse ANYBODY can make).

With that, I am seriously reducing my playing time in August. I feel like this past few months, I have been playing way too many games without putting any efforts to review any of them. Constantly playing without knowing what you are doing wrong is a recipe for stagnation. 

This blog also influenced my decision as well.

Anyway, with that out of the way, it's time for some miniatures reviews!


One Can Never Be Too Good to Miss a Basic Tactic

Punishing a Time Waster in the Opening

Mating Net in the Tarrasch

Decoy and Mate