Memorable Miniatures of the Month: May 2015

Memorable Miniatures of the Month: May 2015

May 31, 2015, 11:56 PM |

I decided to keep a blog about memorable miniatures each month. So whenever I'm on a terrible losing streak or feeling down for some reason, I can look back at these games and hopefully lighten up the mood.


I used the following criterias for choosing the games:

  1. They have to be preferably 25 moves or less (25 might be pretty ambiguous, but that's generally what I consider the limit on miniature)
  2. They have to be memorable or exciting when I played (some guy randomly leaving in the middle of the game wouldn't qualify)

So here we go!

My Queen is immune

Early Queen sortie always pays...for me

Careful where you enter

Weird opening will be punished

Rip apart his castle

Not so innocent development

1 Tempo faster

Script without actors