Semi-Smothered Mate

Jan 24, 2017, 6:08 PM |

Delivering a checkmate in a tense middlegame is one of the greatest joy one can experience in Chess.

There are many patterns of checkmate, but this is one of the rarer one for me to do it in a real game.



I like how his King's rook and light-squared bishop never moved this game.

After the game, I checked to see if I have played this guy before, and it turns out, he was 2-0 against me. 

So this is a very sweet revenge (half I suppose).

It's always nice to finally beat someone who you have negative score against, in an opening where you have terrible record.

Even though the mate came when both of us were feeling the time pressure, it is still sweet to deliver semi-smothered mate, especially since he was winning the majority of the game prior to Qf3 blunder.