Memorable games

Sep 8, 2012, 4:16 PM |

Just a list of bookmarks for myself.


Pofon v: queen fork:

unfallen v: dragon mate:

haupts... v:

drjam v: unbalanced, trapped pieces...

v Suljibaba: king pawn storm in ruy lopez:

v rhompson2: smith-morra:

snektal v: nimzo-indian qc2 fun:

v ikwin: lost opportunities (loss):

kielpiniak v: nimzo-indian crush, unbalanced material

kaief v: unbalanced material (q v n+b+r): nicely played by him:

v ncrick: nice tactic in the end with heavy pieces:

bajson v: nice trap that worked:

v GameNotMore: positional pressure (and blundered mate):


IM Bobbylow v:

v IM Bobbylow:

v WilliamSucuahi: smith-morra devastation:

jrennie v: queen for 3 pieces; queen trap:

v jrennie: smith-morra, interesting end game (rooks, queen promotion)

genie v: queen trap:

v Akkurt: smith-morre crush:

v NP-BonoVox (Team Brasil match) - against french defense:

v Daniel_Quizon - 1 min against french defense:

21-move Bullet checkmate against strong player makikihustle:

Queen sac in bullet:


Highest ranked opponent: