N v 2Qs and Simultaneous Games

Sep 28, 2012, 11:01 AM |

Everyone has off days, but there is always something that you can take from it. Playing on chess.com live servers today, I scored just 0.5/5 - and my internet connection wasn't helping. Nor was the fact that the tournament I had signed up for started a game for me when I was already playing another! I do occassionally (and accidentally) play simutanous games, but this one would be a memorable one.



Meanwhile, on the other board...


I feel like I should have directed more energies into my second game - the opponent was tougher and there was more to think about - and I had a lot less time. But all in all, I take positives from these games. In the first I felt I played the opening okay, just losing my way in the middle game, and then forced an endgame which I was fortunate enough that my opponent didn't know how to handle. 
I was happy with my second game, and without the external factors I feel confident that I could have taken victory. But hey, that's chess.