The Center Part 1


     What are the most popular begining moves in chess? Well the answer is 1.d4, 1.e4, 1.c4, or 1.Nf3. Now why are those moves played so often in chess in every level. The reason is that each played wants to have control of the center. It is almost certain that every chess player in the world wants to control the center when playing a game. now that leads me to ask you another question, why do we want to contol the center. The answer is that, when we have our strong pieces, such as the queen, will have more place to move, attack, and defned more pieces, then if it is somewhere else on the board. That is true. Now,  here's another guestion, how do you contol the center? Most people will occupy it wiht pawns while other people will attack it other pieces, such as the knight. Well, which way is better. The answer is attcking the center. Look at the diagram:  





 Now white occupys the center wiht pawns but he/she doesn't  control it, because the black queen can come in with out being stopped. You see when you truely control the center you can capture and prevent any of your opponents pieces from coming to the center. That can be done by attacking it. Look at the diagram:                                                                                        


 Now the black queen can't come in there, for she will be captured. There is also another option, and it is to do both, occupy and attack. That is what most players desire in the game. Look at the diagram:                                                                                                          



 Now in this diagram blakck's queen can't come in the center, even though there are pawns in it. This postion is  almost impposible. The problem is that now white can't bring in hs/her stronger pieces in the center beacuse there are pawns in it. 

I will continue my dissucsion about the cnter in my next blog. Please read my other blogs.