Deep in Study!

Dec 31, 2010, 5:57 PM |

I am reading Jeremy Silman's "The Amateur's Mind" and "How to Reassess Your Chess - Fourth Edition"  aas well as John Watson's Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 1.

I am not spending a lot of time on the Watson book yet as I need to hone my basics and I am trying to think the way Mr. Silman encourages you to in his 2 books.

I am also doing the Chess Mentor here, the Tactics Trainer, and also the Tactics Trainer in Fritz 12. 

I probably will not do too many online games for a bit as I really need to do some deep study.  A couple of rapid defeats playing the Scotch game has taught me that I am not yet ready for prime time.  I am fine if I play my trusted Ruy Lopez or some other closed symetrical opening, but when someone deviates from that I am lost.  This tells me I do not have my basics complete. 

What gets me is know all of the basics...I know about development, initiative, proper placement of bishops and knights.  the interplay between bishops and knights, controlling the center, opening lines for bishops and rooks, etc.

However, I feel like im a cook in the kitchen with 1000's of ingredients and recepies, but I can only cook eggs, and sometimes pancakes!

Somehow I still am missing some obvious moves, or I will loose a queen or something stupid.  I am still not seeing the board, and I am not listening to the board as Mr. Silman puts it.

As I have stated earlier, I have played since I was 10, (now 51), but not that often..long breaks in between...  So in a sense, I am just starting out.  It has only been a month and I need to be patient.  I want to get above 1200, but I know now this will take time.

Thank you for listening :)