Chess Fundamentals, Advanced Edition - Bishop Endgames, Part 1

Chess Fundamentals, Advanced Edition - Bishop Endgames, Part 1

GM vyotov
Mar 28, 2016, 1:04 PM |

Some people would say that endgames the best part of chess, others will state the opposite. I have always relied mostly on my calculation skills to maneuver my way through the more complicated endgames. However, without basic knowledge of chess endgames it can be quite difficult to even have a starting point for calculations.


In this series I will be discussing some of the core endgame concepts which every chess player should know - regardless of the skill level. 


Basic rules: Bishop endgames - Same Colors


- if you have a white-squared bishop you must place your pawns on the opposite color of that bishop. This creates more space for your bishop, and more safety for the pawns.


- Create multiple passed pawns in order to win the game. This one applies mostly to opposite colored bishop endgames, but it can be as important in here as well.


- Bishop activity is a must! Having more space to operate with is a must - especially when defending. Less space = less activity.

- Use Zugzwang to your advantage when the opponent is left with no counterplay!


Here are some examples displaying the difference between a good bishop vs. bad bishop: