High Level Mistakes - Carlsen, M (2865) - Adams, M (2738) / A29 - Grenke Chess Classic 2015

High Level Mistakes - Carlsen, M (2865) - Adams, M (2738) / A29 - Grenke Chess Classic 2015

GM vyotov
Mar 25, 2016, 8:05 AM |

Everybody makes mistakes! It is simply that high level chess players often mask theirs behind deep strategies and calculations. The conclusion? EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES! 

There are four different types of mistakes in chess:


1. An inaccuracy - a small strategical mistake which hinders the ongoing plan, creates a weakness, or gives the opponent an opening for options he wouldn't otherwise have.


2. Missed opportunity mistake - this one is pretty self-explanatory. Missing on potentially win material, or even the game itself, can be considered a mistake. However, there's a good chance it will not cost you the game but only the positional advantage that is currently in possession. 


3. The blunder - oh yes, the blunder! We have all made it - and really sucks! This type of moves can usually cost you the game. Unfortunately, such a mistake has the power to haunt a player even after the game is over. Avoid these at all cost - which is sometimes more difficult than expected.


4. Failing to admit a mistake! This one really takes character and experience to avoid. Often time there isn't even the possibility of fixing this mistake, but if you can you should trust your guts and do it without looking back!

The first time I saw the game I thought to myself "WoW! Carlsen made this look easy!" However, I proceeded analyzing the game and I found that in fact that couldn't have been further from the truth. Turns out that both players made some very noticeable mistakes, but only Adams suffered the consequences. That is because - ultimately - his strategy was wrong. Furthermore, he was unable to admit his mistake which led him on a path of painful defense...we all know where that usually leads.

Go through this game and learn from Adams's mistakes - as I am sure he did immediately after the game!