Cheating detection analysis

Apr 14, 2018, 2:05 AM |

Time which a person takes to move is the main clue

1 cheaters play popular Opening lines but are relatively slow along those lines as compared to people who has memorized the line. 

2cheaters mean square deviation of time per move is lower

3 if previous move is capture fair player takes less time on average to recapture but for cheater time is almost same

4 for fair player their exist a correlation between time taken to move and total number of legal moves he and his opponent has

5 for fair player possibility of blunder is higher when he takes too small or too large time in a move

6 mean square deviation of strength of move for a fair player is higher as compared to cheater of same rating

7 fair player move strength decreases when he is winning or loosing by heavy margin

8 if a player has taken exact same moves when he has mate in 10 as suggested by software again and again he is most probably a cheater

9 cheaters moves knights more freely as compared to fair players