I have all of my games! Sort of…


I am currently transferring all of my games from Chess Assistant format to Chess Base format.  Although the price for CA was very good, it has simply given me too many problems and CB is easier to navigate.  Now all I have to do is manually move over 90 gamesFrown.  Not cool, I would use the conversion utility in CA to convert my database from CA to .pgn format, but it doesn’t really work.  Oh well this will give me a chance to review all of my greatest misses.

On the bright side, I thought that I was missing 3 tournaments worth of games (approximately 11).  But after reconciling with The USCF site I see that I’m only missing 2 rated games between my paper copies and my electronic database, so that’s pretty cool. One of the games is a quick G25 I played in ‘Da Club and another is a game from the New Mexico Open back in November of last year.  That didn’t really shock me, as it was a pretty forgettable performance all around.  I still don’t have anything before 2007, but there are only 13 slow games and 6 G15’s that I played, so no biggie, I lost those score sheets a long time ago so no loss there.

So I’m looking at my first game when I started playing tournament chess on a regular basis back in March of 2007. 

I was rated 1008 and I had black in the first round against one of the HS kids who was rated 1410 at the time.  By the end of 2007 he was rated 1700 and today his rating is over 2100, and me?  I’m currently rated 1503!  Kids sure do pick this stuff up much quicker.



Overall not a bad game, I played pretty well, up until looking at all of the possibilities made me cross eyed and I missed the bishop recapture on move

28.  I did come back to beat two 1300 rated players with the white pieces and I drew with a kid rated 1700 with my beloved Alekhine!  Although I should have won, maybe I’ll post that one next.


Well I get to look over more gems like these in the months ahead.  I should have a book review ready in about 3 weeks if everything works out ok (which it never does).  The twist this time?  The book just came out about 6 weeks ago!  So you should be graced with a book review of a fairly recent work.


Have a good week folks.