Week 5 of the CCC, should be 8 but it's only 5

May 25, 2009, 5:47 AM |
I figure I'd start putting more pictures in with my posts will make the site a little more interesting.  Yes I guess I am getting a bit desperate.
Picture of my Geek Cave
Picture of my Geek Cave

This is where the magic happens.



Just the basics for me now
Just the basics for me now

 Don't congratulate me on my self control, these are just the books I chose to show you, theres tons more, trust me.


Now for the substantial stuff...

Ok so the evil forces of "We Don't Want Wang to Become a Chess Expert" or WDWWBCE for short.  This is indeed a shadowy organization, and although I can't prove it I believe they are in cohoots with those evil bastards at Malt-o Meal, I'll report back when I have more information, but I digress...Needless to say they have done a good job of thwrating my plans at world chess domination.  But not this week!  I am happy to report to all both of you that I have succeded in thwrating their diabolical plans!


sort of

Well kids the week got off to a good start.  I did those problems on CT-ART as I mentioned in my last post.  I even played 2 game 15's to start the week.  Problem is I lost one game and I have just now finished annotating it. I won my other game but it was against someone rated substantially lower than me.  Oh well a win is a win.  For time constraints I won't post that game.






Work calmed down a bit but my school work picked up.  My study load doubled this week.  Can you imagine the nerve of the people at ASU!?  They actually expect me to earn my degree and have a real courseload!?  What in the hell!!!   I'd give them a piece of my mind if it weren't for the fact that I still want to earn my masters.

But that's not the real issue.  The biggest problem this week is that I really delved into chess.com.  I'm telling you folks that if you haven't gone there you need to check it out.  The Internet games (correspondence) games are addicting.  I play time control 2, that's two days to make every move.  At any rate the place is cool, but my fascination with it cost me 4 hours of study time, that plus it took me two hours to analyze games that took me an hour to play.  I wouldn't call that maximization of my time.  So between CT-ART, my two G-15's and my analysis I studied about 4 hours. My analysis still sucks, just like my chess, so I'll just keep trying to get better at both. 

I also got to play a game against Tommyg.  We played on Chess.com's live chess.  The interface is like a less busy ICC Dasher, but it's Java based (I think) so there is no app to download.  Problem is the interface is a bit laggy.  They have stated that its in beta so I'm sure they'll get it humming along smoothly.  Once they do this will be THE place for chess on the web.  Anyway here is the game Lotsa mistakes on both sides, I lightly annotated both sides because I told Tommy I would.










I can say that the newness of chess.com has somewhat worn off, I still have 3 slow games going at a time, but I don't spend more than 15 minutes a day on these games.  I will be back on track this week.

Yes I know I said that last week, difference is this week I mean it.  Besides the week after will definitely be chess free as it will be finals week and I will have to hit the final hard, it's 75% of my final grade!

At any rate I've got to go to sleep now and then wake up and do some chores and study a little.  I'm figuring since I completely ignored CCTP last week and I am the founding (and only) member of the C4 (Comphrensive Chess Course Crewe) I should at least try to use the guys books in my study plan.

Have a good and safe week, and remember no matter how bad it goes, most of you will only work 4 days this week!  Of course I will only work 3 but that's a story for a different time.


PS. Tommy I didn't mean to sound too critical of our game, it was just a quick go over, I hope I didn't come off sounding like a smack.