Week 6 of the CCC

Jun 1, 2009, 4:17 AM |

Glass Chess Set
Glass Chess Set



I bought this set years ago at the Village Chess Shop.  It was between this one and another set where the "black" pieces were frosted like the white one's are in this set and the white pieces were clear.  Ultimately I thought this had more contrast although I should have gotten the other board, as the white and black squares on this one are too similar for my taste.  Unfortunately I'm far too rough with my pieces when analyzing for this to be a viable everyday set for me.




Tidied up my databases, I mean I literally had files and crap all over the place on my computer, well, no more.



Did 50 problems on level 20 of CT-ART, scored 72% again in 45 minutes.  So far on my second pass I'm averaging 72%, my first pass was I scored 70%.  I guess that's progress, albeit slow.  The funny thing is the problems I know I bang them out instantaneously.  The ones I don't recognize right away, it's almost like I've never seen them before, no matter how long I look at it, I will get something wrong.



Started Lesson 6 in CTTP, this lesson gave me a hard time last go around so I'm re-reading it.  I also did another 50 level 20 problems in CT-ART.  Got 83% (my highest score so far) in 39 minutes (my shortest time soo far).



No chess for me today, got home a little later than normal and couldn't get to sleep until 7:00AM!   I did play some "correspondence Chess at Chess.com, more on that later.



Worked on Lesson 6 in CTTP some more.  I'm going through this bad boy really slowly.  I find a lot of the combinations in this lesson to be "speculative" inasmuch as they go on for so many moves that I don't have a completely clear picture in my head of the final position.  I can always get the correct first 2 - 3 moves but I'm not sure what everything will look like in my head at the end. 

These are the hardest types of endeavors to begin in OTB play.  I know because when I started playing in tournaments I was fresh off of doing a bunch of tactical problems and suffice to say I thought I could sac all the time and I would come out on top.  Needless to say when this blows up in your face a few times it tends to make you a bit gun shy.



I did the last 36 problems on level 20 and scored 78%.  This completes my second go around (dare I say circle) on level 20 and I scored 74% a 4% increase from my first go round, but still very far away from my goal of 95% on a level before progressing to the next level.



Finished my accounting, one last week and I will be done for the Summer!!!


Weekly Wrap up:

Well I have two internet (slow, correspondence games) going at chess.com, but once they are finished I will not start any more.  While it is great fun to really be able to think about your moves and it makes you feel all smart and even a little bit like a titled player, I don't think it will help my OTB results that much.  Bottom line is that it is a different form of chess and if I want good OTB results nothing is going to help me more than mimicking those settings as close as possible.


Post Script:

I had quite an increase in weekend activity, I know that a big part of this was BDK mentioning I had some good book reviews on the site, and I'm sure the promise of book reviews by a fellow patzer had something to do with it as well.  Anyway this got me to thinking I should write all of the book reviews I possibly can.  I figure I have another 12 or so reviews I can do right away, so I'll be posting 1 or 2 a week until I get them all done. 

The links to the posts will be in the "Book Reviews" Tab on the top of the page.  I was also wondering if anyone had a book review they would like to share here just e-mail it to me and I'd be happy to post it.  I think its always good to get a fellow patzer's perspective on books that come out.  My e-mail address is wango@chess.com

Have a good week folks.