What to do and what not to do

What to do and what not to do

Apr 3, 2017, 5:00 PM |

This game had many mistakes, and, in my opinion, is probably a good example of what not to do. What I learned from this game was to take your time, and to think about everything your opponent is threatening.

meh.png Now, here is a game where you should not do what black did. He made so many mistakes, and took so long!

I was really surprised by the Bh3 sac, which was a blunder, and not many mistakes by me. My opponent had almost never come across 1.d4, so he probably did not know what to do, and messed up his opening.(He was losing after Bxh3, but he was a lot worse already before that.)

This next game is a instructive one, but you have to click on the link to get there.



This next one was perhaps my most instructive game, and my best.

 I won this one, by the way. I was really happy after this game, especially after finding the a5!! tactic in the endgame with 34 seconds left! I was playing blitz against my opponent, and he did not do so well. THIS is how you should play the endgame! Vigorously, with lots of heat, and lots of accuracy. Also, for your information, Ke2 was a blunder, but even after, I was still winning, but the win takes a few moves longer, as shown by computer analysis.



This next game show a lot of interesting ideas, along with tactics.

 This next "game" is just some study.


 The weak pawns will soon guarantee black a material advantage of one pawn in the endgame, thus white resigned.