2011.08.01 Update: Quick Launch Links & More

2011.08.01 Update: Quick Launch Links & More

Aug 1, 2011, 2:18 PM |

Hi, chess-lovers!

We hope you’re all having a wonderful start to August. We kicked the month off with a minor update this morning, which some of you probably noticed. (And we didn’t change Live at all this time! Wink )

Actually, most of the changes in this release were “low profile”: bug-fixes and performance enhancements, as well as some new administrative features to help us out back-stage.

But there were two nice improvements we wanted to note!...

First, we implemented improved Vs-Computer AI: It should now play a stronger game on the high levels. Give it a try!


Second, we’ve replaced the “Control Panel” (read “mostly redundant repeat of the stuff in your 'Home' menu") with a tight selection of “quick launch” links on your home page!

Wherever possible, these new links take you directly to the desired feature — not to some other “home” page. So if you hit Tactics Trainer, boom! — you’re training! Likewise, “Play Live Chess” takes you straight to the Live server, and “Video Lessons” plays the Video of the day!

(Of course, you can still get to the home pages for these features from the menus, as always.)



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