2011.08.30 Update

2011.08.30 Update

Aug 30, 2011, 10:03 AM |

Hi everyone!

We had a little down-time last night for site maintenance & upgrades. Not a lot of new stuff to report this time, but we’re laying foundations for some wonderful stuff that’s not far off!

Everywhere on the site, we’re clearing the path for a couple of big initiatives you’ll be seeing soon - including an overall cosmetic/usability redesign that is going to make the site look and feel amazing!

We are also working on very cool internationalization features that will allow users around the globe to help us translate Chess.com pages into different languages, and then view the site in their language of choice. This is a huge initiative, and we look forward to getting members involved soon.

Also VERY exciting: In addition to some Live Chess bug-fixes and performance enhancements, we also installed a lot of the plumbing for Live Chess Tournaments, coming at you (every 10 minutes!), starting this fall!

Ok, this update is mostly teaser, but awesomeness takes time; it's all going to be worth the wait! :)

Stay tuned!

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