A few days until launch...


So, we're just a few days away from launching Chess.com to a private beta, and then just a week or two after that before we open the site to everyone. What does that mean to me? What am I worried about? What am I thinking? Three things:

#1 - Will people 'get it'? Will people realize that this is a full-out community site that they are in charge of? That they are reponsible for?

#2 - If things go well and people love it, will the site hold up under the strain of all the visitors?

#3 - What features are next and are most important? We're working on chess play of course, and learning tools, but what else?

#4 - Will users like the design? Sure I'm self-concious of that because I did the design work :)

Anyway, those are the things on my mind today. Now I gotta get back to adding some content to the site so that when people get here it isn't TOTALLY empty...