Announcement: 1st World-wide Meetup!

Announcement: 1st World-wide Meetup!


Yes, the rumors are true: Chess can be played with no Internet connection whatsoever.  And on April 16, we're encouraging everyone everywhere to play chess in real-life, personal, up close, 3D!  So get ready to put down that mouse, hit a venue near you, and meet new OTB/online opponents in the flesh!  Talk openings, swap usernames - play chess!

To help make this happen, we've created our own page over at - a great tool for helping local groups coordinate without noise from groups in other areas.

Here's how it works:

1. Hit our Meetup page

2. If there are communities in your area, you'll see them on the map

3. If there aren't, you can create one by clicking "Start a new community" and giving it a name

4. From the Community page, you'll see details for the first meetup day "Let's Play Chess!" on April 16, 2011 - click the orange button that says "Count me in"

That's about it - and yes, it's entirely free to use the Meetup service for these events!

The community is basically a local forum for chess-lovers who can then join up & use the tool to suggest/select meeting places, confer about who can bring clocks/sets, etc.  On April 16, there's nothing left to do but show up and play!

So, if you're interested in meeting chess-lovers near you, please jump over and start building your community today!