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Auto-Tracking Saves You a Click

Auto-Tracking Saves You a Click

Feb 19, 2011, 4:17 PM 18

One of our special goals for this year is to make Chess.com's features friendlier and easier to use.  To that end, we just wanted to highlight a recent example some of you may have already noticed: comment-triggered auto-tracking!

How does it work?  Pretty simply..

If you leave a comment on something (a forum post, a tactics problem, a blog, an article, a chess opening - anything!), the system assumes you're interested in future comments on that subject and auto-magically activates the tracking feature for you. (You don't have to remember to click on the little check-box above the right side of the comment box anymore!)

It's a small thing, but we hope it you'll find it convenient.

But if you would rather have the old behavior, no problem.  There's a new option on your Alert & Email Settings page you can use to quickly disable/enable auto-tracking.


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