Meetup: Act Locally! Meetup: Act Locally!


With less than a month before the 1st Worldwide Meetup Day (originally announced here), we wanted to encourage local communities to help maximize their own growth for a great turn-out on April 16!  At, we are doing lots to publicize the event, and so far it's gone well: Currently, just shy of a thousand chess enthusiasts have spawned local groups in over 500 cities around the world!  That is just awesome!  :D 

Want to make sure your town's Meetup is an amazing success?  Promote your community page by sharing its URL via email, community forums, FaceBook, Twitter, StumbleUpon…  for instance, like so…

Want to meet up & play chess? Join our local group! We're playing next on Apr 16! -[Your Group Here]/

Also, if you promote the April 16 event via Twitter, use the #ChessMeetup hashtag, & your tweet will show up in relevant searches – as well as on the Meetup Event page.  (You can use the same tag for other chess meet-ups as well, of course. Several communities have already gotten together to play!)

Please keep in mind that this is not a member event!  The only requirement is the desire to play chess:  All are welcome, so please feel free to reach out to others in your area in any way you can!  

The communities you build ultimately control their own destiny and activities – and we hope they enliven your chess life with new OTB partners & generally improve the profile of chess in your community.