Grab your Copy of the ChessKid Curriculum!

Grab your Copy of the ChessKid Curriculum!

Jun 21, 2011, 11:24 AM |


Introducing young minds to the game of chess is immensely rewarding, for both teacher and student - but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin, or what to cover. Good news: We can help! 

Welcome to the Curriculum: a kid-friendly, easy to follow and comprehensive program that ANY parent, teacher or coach can use to take their own chess-kid(s) all the way from total beginner to scholastic chess player. And it's 100% free!

Created by International Masters David Pruess and Daniel Rensch, the curriculum includes a wealth of learning materials addressing all aspects of the game, and is organized to maximize effective learning and retention. 

Each section includes diagrams, work-sheets and "mini-games" to ensure that vital concepts are instilled through practice. We also include tips and advice for the teacher, coach or parent. Of course, the whole experience is designed to be FUN!

This curriculum is suitable for both classroom and one-on-one instruction, and is written to be accessible even if the instructor or parent is relatively new to chess. (You and your child can learn together!)

The entire curriculum is available for download (and printable) in PDF format (zipped):

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Here's what you will find inside:

Welcome and Introduction:
An overview of the curriculum; the history of chess; general vocabulary; and an outline of the chessboard

Section 1 -- Starting Out, the Basics of Chess:
An introduction to the pieces; the goal of chess; some basic checkmates (Two Rooks vs a Lone King, a Queen vs a Lone King); checkmate & stalemate

Section 2 -- The Basics of Playing, the "Phases" of Chess & the Opening: 
Counting attackers & defenders; "special" moves (castling & en passant); phases of the game (Opening, Middlegame and Endgame); three critical "mating patterns"; an introduction to opening principles

Section 3 -- Tactics, Tactics & More Tactics:
Forks, Pins, Skewers, Decoys, Deflection, Attraction, Destruction (of the castled King's position), Discovery and more

Section 4 -- Endgame Play: Passed Pawns, Technique & King Play:
Checkmate with the King and Rook vs Lone King; the concept of Zugzwang; playing with the King; an introduction to passed pawns; King and Pawn endgames; the concept of "opposition"; how to win once you have an advantage

Section 5 -- Positional Chess, Planning & Advanced Piece Play:
"Advanced" concepts: Strategy & planning; more pawn structure; tournament chess & how to recognize a draw


Download Your FREE Curriculum Today!


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