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Group Chat-Rooms Come to Live Chess!

Group Chat-Rooms Come to Live Chess!

Dec 23, 2014, 1:45 PM 67

That's right: Every active Group on the site now has its very own private chat-room in Live Chess. All you have to do to see the Room is be a member of a Group! Simply log in to Live Chess and tap on the Chat tab, then "Rooms." Here you'll see all your Groups listed and you can join the chatroom(s) for any or all of them!

Not a member of any Groups? No problem! Visit our directory to see some of the most popular Groups on the site, and/or to search for Groups that match your interests! (If you know of Groups that are socially active in Live Chess, please feel free to suggest them in the Comments below.)

(This is the first of several steps to make Groups — or Clubs as they are called in v3 — more relevant & exciting in Live Chess. Soon Groups will even be able to create their own Live tournaments and challenge other Groups to matches!)

Live Chess veterans, please note that this new functionality permanently replaces the "Main Hall" chat-room. The goal here is to allow for more latitude in terms of chat culture and levels of moderation: We no longer maintain a single official, "one-size-fits-all" chat channel. Instead we can let players pick and choose, participating in the sub-communities they enjoy, while Group admins moderate their own chat-rooms. Nice!

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