Live Chess Changes! (2013-06-05)

Live Chess Changes! (2013-06-05)

Jun 5, 2013, 10:59 AM |

Greetings, chess-lovers!

As you may have noticed, Live Chess was down for a while today. The good news is that we updated Live with some cool new changes we'd like to tell you about!

Clearer, cleaner post-game text in the Chat window enables you to share your game via Facebook or Twitter! Note: If you're not seeing this yet, don't worry... It should be in effect for all players later today!

Want to filter incoming direct challenges by rating? Now you can! Visit Settings > Play tab to set it up! (Note that the values can either be absolute, like 1200 to 1500, or relative, like -200 to +200 - just like when you're creating a Seek!)

All members can now use Live Chess text commands!

The "Analyze" link you see to the left of the move list after a game will no longer invite your opponent to a review session. (You have to explicitly click the "Review with opponent" link for that now.)

Several improvements to the analysis boards make it easier to get your Game PGN and reload the original game once you've entered some variations

Right-click/drag to draw arrows and highlight squares on games you are observing, even while they are still being played! (This is going to be very excellent for our commentators - and viewers - on TV!)

Simul players will now auto-jump to their next ready game, meaning fewer surprises and less unnecessary time-trouble (and best of all, larger simuls!)

We also made some other changes under the covers, including optimizations for the Seek graph and some other performance enhancements. We hope you love the changes! Let us know in the Comments!