More Live Chess Enhancements!

More Live Chess Enhancements!

Jul 27, 2011, 9:30 AM |

Earlier today we pushed some brand new changes to Live and we wanted to tell you all about it! It's been a "dynamic" week or so for the Live interface, but we've come a long way in a short time - and thanks for your feedback along the way!

First, we've totally overhauled the New Game section. The buttons have been replaced with a simple menu, and we've put the Seek Graph up front. The menu will remember your favorite (i.e. last-used) time control, so most of the time, starting a game should be one click! 

(If you don't like any of the preset controls, just select "Custom" on the menu to enter your own choices for base-time and bonus seconds.)

Use the "Game Type" settings to set preferences related to your opponents' ratings. Here, you can go with relative values, like the new defaults of -200 & +200 (i.e. anyone within 200 points of your current rating, higher or lower), or you can skip the "-" and "+" and just enter literal ratings, as before.

The Seek graph should be familiar, but now Computers are light green and your own Seeks appear in orange. Pretty! :)

Missing the List view? Check the "Games" tab to the right of the Console; it now has a Seeks option to allow you to see a list of challenges.

Coming Soon: The ability to once again choose your color to play in unrated games.

Edit: It's already here! :) (Again, click the link below the Start Game button to open "Game Type Settings"

The "New Game" area represents the biggest change, by far - but we've also corrected a number of interface issues that were identified since we launched Live Chess 4 last week:

  • Disappearing Seeks - fixed
  • Move List not scrolling to show last move - fixed
  • Chat boxes kept scrolling to the top - fixed
  • "Games" & "Players" tabs now ON by default
  • Fixes for avatars, game names, lag indicators
  • ...and a miscellany of minor tweaks & other fixes!


That's it for today! 


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