New Feature: Tactics Tags!

New Feature: Tactics Tags!

May 20, 2011, 3:19 PM |

Today we released an exciting new feature for Tactics Trainer: the ability for users to tag tactical problems by type!

Whether you're in View Mode or you've just completed a tactic, you will now see a list of tags that have already been "voted up" enough to represent the current problem.  Below that, a menu of candidate tags. 

You may "up-vote" tags in the problem's current list - or vote them down, if you think they do not apply to the problem.  (Just use the "thumbs-up" & "thumbs-down" links!)  Additionally, you can use the menu below to suggest tags that have not already been flagged for that tactic.



The whole system relies on the wisdom of crowds to link the best tags to each problem - and although we do give special attention to the votes of Tactics Moderators and titled players, every vote (up or down) counts!  (All members can see the new tags, and all premium members may vote on them.)

Please note: For a given problem, you may only vote (up or down) for a given tag one time

If you're not sure about a particular tag, don't vote for or against it - or better yet, check out the Help article by clicking on "What is this?" to learn more about the types of tactics you may encounter in the Trainer.  (Note: The Help article is still a work in progress at this point.)

Because the tags rely on member voting, this new feature will get more valuable as time passes and we collect more votes.  And we have future plans to build on the tags as well!... Coming soon, you'll be able to create "custom" tactics sessions by selecting the types of tactics you want to practice!

Good times!  Please let us know what you think in the Comments...

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