New iPhone App In Store!

New iPhone App In Store!

May 17, 2011, 11:06 AM |

Today we were thrilled to see the arrival of version 1.5 of the our iOS app hit the App Store!

Check it out!

This version has been rebuilt from the ground up and represents a huge step forward in overall quality, performance and stability.  Visually, it's been redesigned to better support the iPhone 4 (and to generally look better for all users).

The focus for this version emphasized quality, but there are a few excellent new features to enjoy as well!

  • Tactics Hints - If you're stuck, you can now opt to see the next move & then try to complete the puzzle. (You're scored based on your performance up to the point where you got the hint; using hint has the same effect as entering an incorrect move.)
  • Improved Computer Hint & Analysis - The hint no longer makes your move for you (which was a bit presumptuous), and the analysis view shows when you're still in book.
  • Enhanced Video Lessons - This stuff is gold! View details for any video in our library!  Just click in the cell (anywhere but on the Play button) for a video in any of the lists and presto: Full details to help you decide if it's worth making popcorn!  And once you've found the right video, you can now watch it in portrait orientation, as well as landscape.

Perhaps most exciting of all - this version sets the stage for what we're working on right now: Live Chess via iPhone & iPad!  It's going to be awesome.

Please note: We've already submitted a minor update to correct two issues we've noticed so far.  In some instances, you may return to a Video Detail screen (or the Video Home screen) to find that it's data/formatting has gotten confused. For the moment, simply restart the app to correct that one.

Also, you may find that the app's sound effects interrupt your music. (Go into Settings and turn off "Sound" if you want to rock out while you do tactics.)

That's it!  If you enjoy the new version, please do share the love by giving it a glowing review. It helps us out a lot, and we really do appreciate it!

Bye for now!

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