Play 3|2 and 45|45 games in Live Chess!

Play 3|2 and 45|45 games in Live Chess!

Jul 30, 2014, 5:39 PM |

Good day, chess-lovers!

As you may have heard earlier this week on Facebook and Twitter, we debuted some new time controls in Live Chess earlier this week. After all, they say that variety is the spice of Live. (… Sorry.)

First, we’re happy to introduce 3 | 2 as a standard time-control. This is a fantastic, well-balanced blitz option—and has become one of the most predominant blitz controls used by FIDE and other organizations at events world-wide. If you’re looking to spend less than 10 minutes on a full game, but still like to have some interval to help preserve a winning position, you definitely want to try this out!

Play 3 | 2 right now! »

Next up, we have our slowest, most classical, time control ever: 45 | 45. There are lots of slow-chess advocates out there, and we’re happy to create this option for serious, high-quality chess in our Live arena! With games lasting two hours or more, this is a fantastic way to prepare for your next over-the-board tournament!

Check your schedule, and start a 45 | 45 game right now! »

(Granted, the wait-times are long for these seeks right now, but we’re optimistic that things will get much better as word gets out!)

And, hey look! We now have as many time-controls with an interval as without! More variety and better overall balance… hooray!