Site Development News - 2016-02-08

Site Development News - 2016-02-08

Feb 8, 2016, 12:22 PM |

Starting today, we're going to be more transparent about our website-development progress on V3. Check back each and every Monday for a recap of what we accomplished throughout the previous week!

Here are the highlights from last week:

  • Bug fixes for chess variants, especially Crazyhouse!
  • A LOT of work on Tactics, including UI tweaks, fixes to the different training modes, and some critical bugs that were even causing the feature to lock up
  • Optimizations for large Clubs and member/content management by Club Admins
  • Fixes to Daily Chess, for instance, relating to where users want to go after making each move (next game, back to game list...)
  • We renamed "Standard" (i.e. Live time-controls longer than Blitz) to "Rapid" throughout the site. (This terminology is more conventional, and well help prevent confusion as "standard" will now simply refer to regular, non-variant chess, and have nothing to do with time controls.)
  • A number of fixes to Trophy-related features
  • Improvements to internationalization

We closed 220 issues in the last seven days!


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