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Site Development Update - 2016-02-22

Site Development Update - 2016-02-22

Feb 22, 2016, 12:10 PM 1

Hello friends!

In this week's update, there is not much to report on specific new features, as our recent focus  has been largely on fixing bugs — and fix bugs we have!

If you've got keen eyes though, you may notice a few small changes for the better here and there... For instance, our ChessTV announcements will no longer create a banner across the top of all pages that has to be closed manually. Instead, we make one announcement on your Home page (which self-dismisses after you've seen it).

You can always tell when ChessTV is live because you'll see a new icon in the navigation, which will reveal what's on and allow you to link directly to the show!


Last week we closed 186 tickets.

Thanks for your attention! See you again next week...

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