Site Enhancements - 2011.06.30

Site Enhancements - 2011.06.30

Jun 30, 2011, 12:17 PM |

Hey there, chess-lovers!

As you may have noticed, we went offline for some upgrades this morning, and apart from the usual miscellaneous bug fixes and performance tweaks, there are a couple of things worth mentioning here:

You can now choose your own default Info tab in Online Chess! After somewhat mixed reception to our recent switch to the “Moves” tab being the default (instead of “Chat”), we’ve decided to let you have it your way: Chat, Moves, Details, or Notes. Jump over to your Online Chess Settings page, and take your pick! (The new "Default tab" menu is in the "Board Settings" area. Don't forget to hit Save at the bottom of the page!)

Please note: We will always show the Chat tab when you get a new message, regardless of your personal setting.

The other thing very cool thing we did today is to add protection for the contributions of past members. Some people have created a LOT of wonderful content on before voluntarily closing their accounts - probably on the advice of a marriage counsellor, we figure... And up till now, that content disappeared as soon as their account was closed.

Now we have a choice - so we don’t have to treat everybody like spammers or abusive users. Don’t be surprised if you see some old names suddenly reappearing in historical forums, blogs, & articles; we just got a lot of great content back!

That’s it for today! Great chess, everyone!

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