Staff Profiles: Pete

Staff Profiles: Pete

May 12, 2015, 11:27 AM |

This is the fourth in a series of posts to help people get to know the team better.

Today, we catch up with Pete, not to be confused with our equally beloved journalist, Peter Doggers. 



Where do you live?

New Jersey.


How long have you worked at

One year.


What would you say you do here?

I am an editor at

I edit chess articles, news reports, and various other content. I write descriptions for our daily video lessons and YouTube videos. I also write a column.

My most important job is making all our content interesting, relevant, and audience-friendly.   


What are your hobbies aside from chess?

I enjoy attending sports games with friends, and dunking basketballs on 7.5-foot hoops.

What is your proudest chess achievement? 

I once lost 10 games in a row to IM Danny Rensch despite being given the ridiculous time odds of five minutes to one minute.


Favorite chess piece?



1. e4 or 1. d4?

1. e4, and if you play 1. d4 against me I don't even know what to do.



Thanks! Check back next week for another staff profile. 

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