Staff Profiles: Shaun

Staff Profiles: Shaun


This is the second in a series of posts to help people get to know the Team a bit better! Today, we catch up with Shaun McCoy, aka... Shaun!

Where do you live?

I make my living on the mean streets of South Carolina.  It’s a rough place, you know, what with all the ne’er-do-wells trying to invite you into their homes for dinner and sweet tea. 

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or one hundred duck-sized horses?

One horse-sized duck, but probably not for the reasons you’d think.  Duck is very tasty, especially with peanut sauce.  Do I have any peanut sauce?  If I don’t have peanut sauce I want the hundred horses.

Who is your favorite Chess Player OF ALL TIME?

Garry Kasparov.  The fact that he stayed the world’s number one through the revolution of computer chess amazes me.  I think I would have expected him to lose that spot to someone who made better use of this technology, but instead, he helped pioneer it.  That kind of adaptability, I think, is extremely laudable.  

That and the octopus knight!

What do you do at

I manage the amazing Support Team, co-host the intermediate Melik and Me show (, and I play some seriously bad moves (Novelty on move 3, anyone?) :D

How will you handle the zombie apocalypse?

I’ll install solar powered treadmills with battery back-ups facing outward in a concentric circle from my home.  GET ME NOW ZOMBIES!!!! 

What do you like about working at

The best part about is the users.  Since my department handles Member Support, I can often interact with around one hundred different people a day.  I’m constantly amazed by the kindness and the diversity of our members.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

I transitioned into Chess from Cagefighting (undefeated, whoooo!) so I’m still really big into the sport of MMA.

I love to write.  I mean, I LOVE to write.  I’ve sold quite a few short stories and I have some books out too, so if you get really bored one day and your ratings are dropping, I’ve got a few suggestions for you!

Piano.  I’ve got mad skills!  Mad.  Although I don’t hold a candle to the true virtuoso, Matias Jose! 

I want to do more public speaking.  Here was my first go at it:

Pizza or sushi?

Sushi, duh!

1. e4 or d4?

Yes, but not necessarily in that order :D

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