Video Contest Final Stretch!

Video Contest Final Stretch!


Wow! There's less than a month to go till we discover the winner of our Promotional Video Contest (originally announced here), and there have been some amazing entries. We clearly have some very talented folks playing chess here!

Keep voting up your favorites! The YouTube video with the most Likes on January 1 wins $1000!

A LOT of the videos are quite great, but there are a few that have caught our eye here at HQ: the sort of video one person sees and mails to everyone on the team with the subject "Did you see THIS one??"

So here is a list of just a few of the videos that have made us laugh, cry, or say "What the...?"

Stay thirsty my friends... These lyrics are killer!!


Moral: Cats have little patience for your lack of opening theory


The Chess Family!!


Some pencil-style graphical coolness... site features mixed up with real-life blitz excitement!


The agony of defeat...


Yes, dogs are welcome here... and their secret is safe with us


Stuff like this never happens in real life...


SO cool... Makes us want to join all over again


It's definitely less annoying to lose to the frat boys online...


Chess as a metaphor for warfare? It kinda works actually!


The Cold War was like a chess game... or a drinking contest...


Seriously, kids... smoking kills.


Of course, there are many other great videos in the list! Check them out below! We'll announce the winner on January 1, 2012!

nonowho -

TD-I-Prevail -

AbenXY -

omglolbbqpizza -

nonowho -

Liquidator_Brunt -

Aloizia  -

engmsosman -

prameshpramesh -

alexanderpetrov -

Skofe -

pooya_alaie -

BiffReagle -

masterduckie -

He1120 -

AbenXY -

CliveLawrinson -

Jaskaranrd -

RedBull1485 -

enb -

peterpeter99 -

omglolbbqpizza -

alexanderpetrov -

oDVDo -


blagojep -

Fmstrat -

Tampsen -

LisaStrong - -

blobby12 -

steward -

hidas -

steward -

jurss -

nhat8121 -

Texesa -

jurss -

Pajser_resjaP - (somewhat "mature" content)

kobesarmy -

ErichHeino -

gdiddy27 -

Adhuri -

vonStroheim - (somewhat "mature" content)

Arthur9298 -

RayDuqueIII -

baz-30 -

MTGXerxes -

JoseAFadul -

venerbotin -

abhiraj42 -

wilfredogaldamez -


SonnyMeadows -

Baudolino -

gilansalehi -

Parotic_Groove -

jrmrbr -

chessplayer11 -

hellobaby -


enb -