How to begin...

Nov 4, 2010, 11:26 AM |

How to my biggest question at this point.

My name is Wes, and I'm definitely a beginner at this game.  I learned the rules years ago, and have played few enough matches that they can likely be counted on fingers alone.  I know the values of the pieces and how they move, and I've even won once or twice, but I still feel entirely ignorant when it comes down to it.

I'm 25 years old at this point, and have a 7 month-old son to whom I would eventually like to teach this game.  Unfortunately, I'm so terrible at it that I fear I might never get there.  So, I got myself a chess board, checked out some library books, and started doing some internet research on basic strategy.

I haven't gotten through openings yet.

This brings me to the big question...HOW TO BEGIN?

It seems like there are so many different opening moves that are actually entire opening strategies that completely affect the outcome of the game.  Of course, these openings are quite dependent on the fact that the other side opens as well in the same textbook manner.  I've tried one or two against the computer, and they almost never do what I anticipate!

I'll play my opening move, and then try to figure out what just happened after that.  I find myself trying to catch up the rest of the game, and eventually lose miserably and shamefully.  Every 'trap' I set seems to land me in a trap I never even saw.  It's as if the computer looks at me and jaunts, "Were you even trying, or just investigating what shame and despair feel like?"

I'm feeling incredibly discouraged by my experiences so far - even when I play against myself on an actual chessboard, I embarrass myself through my carelessness and lack of foresight.  I actually find myself getting the jump on myself, goading and scolding me for not realizing what the next turn would hold.

I feel that in a way I'm 'not seeing the forest for the trees', but also in a way, I'M NOT EVEN SEEING THE TREES!!!

So my big issue at this point is, I suppose, taking my lumps and dealing with them.  Loving them.  Nurturing them.  Learning from them.  I've read that every game has its own unique lesson to teach; that every piece lost has a 'moral of the story'.

The trick is playing more.  I need to play more.  I have to force myself out onto that battlefield to be conquered.  (Over and)^500 again.

So, this brings me to  A world of chess players that also wish to sit and learn a few lessons from the ultimate game of tactics and strategy.  A world eager to introduce me to the pangs of failure and defeat.  A world designed for people like me!

Here I come, world, to tank my rating and build it back up again - to lose and lament in hopes of rising to conquer.

En guarde!