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chess quotes

Apr 12, 2009, 6:28 PM 4

hello fellow chess players!  happy easter!Smilejust thought i would pass along some thoughts on chess quotations! I have a couple that are original....on my profile you will find this one.... "for chess so loved the world, that it baffled man". how many of you out there have read,thought or felt these great ruminations? There is a spirit side to chess that stirs up a thought or feeling that is hard to describe, but can only come out in chess! as in life the choices,situations and experiences are somehow equal over the battle on the board of thought! chew on this a moment and respond with your own creative thought...i would love to hear from you - (anybody with a brain pulse!)...regards, westend     p.s. - read the chess master's famous quotes of this great game if you are unfamilar with this subject!

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