Last day of school

Dec 16, 2011, 1:33 PM |

Okay hello!!!

Today was a good day it was the last day! i got to have pizza for lunch! yum!! i love pizza! Please tell me if you don't like or if you do, i want to see how many people don't like pizza.

 I'm in a Christmas spirit! i can't wait for Christmas!! I don't really what i want. What do you want?? I'm clueless. 

Then comes the new year!! For me every year has a "theme", 2010 was the birth year, every where i went some lady was pregnant. This year was one of deaths, my Great Grandma died on march 1st then my Grandpa died in September. :(  And many of my friends have someone died in their lives. I hate when people died. its so hard to miss them and not be able to see them again. i loved my grandpa, He was my favorite grandparent! He always had a story to tell.

Well i think that is it. please comment if you have somthing to say! i want to here what you have to say!