Summer is coming

May 6, 2012, 4:00 PM |

The school year is almost finished. The nights get longer and mornings are better and the weather is turning. Flowers are blooming, and the air is sweet with the perfume of the flowers.

The last 3 weeks are going to be hard to pulled though. My older brother is home from school and he is done. Man, i wish i was done with school. why is the last weeks of school so hard?? While i'm doing school i ask myself this question a many a time also this question also pop in my brain, Why do we even do school. homework is a never ending chore. I try to work on homework with all of my heart and strength. But i find it SO hard. It makes it a little harder when your teacher or teachers drive you nuts. I try to be kind and listen to them but some days it so hard!!! Being home schooled i'm not in a class room every day but i'm still in one 3 times a week. Personally that is enough for me. Some day i think i forget every thing that the teacher just talked about. Or you don't read the lab you were told to read and you didn't. :( I would like to have a reason for not doing it but i don't i plain just don't like reading it. Its boring. Well summer is coming with all of it hot day if we want it or not. To every one that reads this blog, if your in school finish strong, you only have a few weeks left, to every one else, Have a GREAT summer!!