13 losses and counting

Dec 29, 2013, 2:22 AM |

something terrible has happened to my game - I'm now up to 13 losses - (I'm counting that draw where I missed an easy mate in 3 as a loss) - in my games over 15 minutes - (these include 15/0 and 30/0 or some combination with an increment) - one loss included a 1300 player that I literally took on to boost my ego with an easy win - he got me...my only wins have been 5 minute chess, where I'm probably just a little underrated after all my tactics training and the few times I play at that increment

It's clear piece safety and common sense seem to have gone out the window but I'm not totally sure why - I've been experimenting with some new openings but nothing so radical as to really mess me up with sharp lines - (Qa5 scandi vs. my old Pirc, for example, or symmectrical 4 Knights vs. the Scotch) -

it's bad - the only thing I can think is MAYBE - all this easy tactics training I'm doing has spoiled me - I'm trying to solve 900-1250 problems as fast as i can - see the pattern, fire it off, and move on - but there's almost never any counterthreat to calculate or piece safety issues - and maybe, just maybe, I've lost that careful instinct I need

or maybe I'm just getting too damn old and tired to play chess at 41 - maybe I've hit my peak and this is the downhill grind, like when u see a guy who had a rating peak 400 points higher 10 years ago and now he's just a class C player at the imposed threshold -

All I know is I've spent a ton of hours the last two weeks studying chess and trying to expand my knowledge, and it hasn't helped me one iota from what I can see....kinda kills the urge to keep working at it - but what can I do...it's just a dark time in my chess