Banging thru Modern Chess Move by Move and reading The Wisest Things Ever said

Dec 3, 2013, 2:39 PM |

I generally like to have an instructive general Chess book (tactics, strategy, endgames or whatever) in the pipe along with an instructive Anthology - with my list generally being taking from Dan Heisman's Book Recommendations

As of right now I'm going thru Modern Chess Move by Move - it's not bad but it's pretty heavy on side variations - it's also mostly move by move, however - and especially in the opening, it just discusses why moves are played and what the point is of some of them - I am up to game 11 and will probably finish it off before going to an Everyman Chess Secrets book - (I did Giants of Strategy - not sure which one to do next but I do have Great Attackers already) -

for my INSTRUCTIVE book - I will be doing "The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess" by Andy Soltis - I've begun to really dig Andy's writing - I read a library copy of Soviet Chess this year - (didn't play thru the games but just read it as a history book) - and also did "Studying Chess Made Easy" - I know he has some great "Chess Master" books out there but I'm hoping this rules of thumb type book is a bit easier read -

I'm debating starting the Yusupov series - (the 9 books from Quality Chess ) - the lessons take a 2-3 hr commitment each and of course, I'd just do the first 3 unless I felt I was advanced enough to move on - and I'm also debating restarting my chess lessons with Dan Heisman - that's mainly only financial limitation right now for me as I'd like to get back into some semi-regular study with him

I suspect this Andy book won't take long even with me putting the annotated positions into a PC and playing them out - good times :)