doubled C pawns - the whiskeytown way, then the RIGHT way :)

Dec 10, 2013, 3:59 PM |

going thru "The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess" - I'm up to about #80 - it's great stuff, and I put the board into a database - (along with the tip) so that if I want I can always go back and look at it again without having to set it up on a board -

There was an interesting subset of one of the rules - Rule 80 - a weakness is a weakness if and when it can be attacked - and they had a followup with a board discussing a plan in the Rossilimo Sicilian

so instead of creating a locked and closed center with 1. c4 and 2. d3, the idea is to create a half open file and a weakness - in my head, I guess I thought I'd rather have a closed center then have the d4/e4 center and a 2nd shot at it with the other c pawn

what do you mean by "that's what I thought?"  Well, it turns out two days before reading this, I found myself in a near identical position in a T4545 Game

After all this I'll be better prepared next time ;)