finished the first half of rook endgames but moving on

Feb 3, 2014, 8:25 PM |

just a brief update - I started reading the practical guide to rook endings by Minov - it's pretty good

but the first half is concepts and ideas - the second half is specific endgames - at this point i'm not inclined to go much further - I don't want to memorize specific endgames but the concepts -

For that reason I'm probably going to be moving on to elements of positional evaluation - WHEN I am ready - truth is I'm a little burned out on chess - I do this - I go weeks of trying to get in 2-3 hrs a night then I go months without it - I can tell it's really getting to me when I only check my Gameknot once or twice a day for my 12 games

so I'll update when i've got more to say on Dan's book