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Dec 29, 2013, 9:11 PM |

I bought this from a used bookstore in Minneapolis about two years ago - (on my "honeymoon" I think") - first thing I noticed was this particular library had a lot of old classic titles stamped with one fellow's name and address - It looked interesting and I am pretty sure I've seen it recommended once or twice as a good starter book for opening ideas - (side note, I like chess libraries, but find myself selling or giving away a lot of the books I finish reading - simple fact of the matter is I want to do new stuff, not reread the old stuff - some classics I have kept around)

notice the bargain price of 9.99 - LOL - it's also really old - (I'm a bit worried about the binding coming apart) -

mostly I'm wanting to think about new and different openings - changing up my repertoire a bit - I'm SURE most of the advice for openings in this book has got to be out of date - (although I've seen already an underlined part warning you not to play the dragon or najdorf without unlimited hrs of study)  - written after Fischer's victory, it no doubt was meant to capitalize on the resurgence of chess in the US and the world -

it's also got a lot of Iron Curtain contributors - you see the contributors on the front - 5 of the 7 were behnd it except for Larsen and Evans - I will find it interesting and it's fairly short without a lot of variation stuff - I'll let you know what it's like when I'm done - I think it's still for sale new in Amazon's gift shop for 20-30 bucks new