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A Humble Lesson

A Humble Lesson

Apr 24, 2008, 6:44 PM 2

I learnt a very humble lesson today.  With all my experience and knowledge of chess I made a blunder which cost me a game.  The game was finished within 7 moves and I became greedy.

Please make a note of the game below.  My opponent was playing white whilst I played black.

As you will see, I didn't develop any pieces, I was trapped and I didn't play tactically.  This is a wise lesson for many learners:

a. Don't play passively.

b. Develop your pieces quickly.

c. Don't expect a lower scored opponent not to know what they are doing.  For example, play the board not the person.

I hope this game and the lessons learnt help, if not all, most chess players and most of all enjoy and learn from your mistakes.  If you cannot, you will never improve.

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