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Screwing the rabbit (part 2)

Screwing the rabbit (part 2)

Dec 25, 2015, 6:42 AM 0

   Intimidating! At least it looks a little bit that way.But to be honest it isn't.Black maybe is close to whites pawn and the black pawn can simply escape from whites king, but that advantage is just an illusion.



How does this work?

First we desperately try to catch the pawn 1.Kb7 a5 2.Kc6 a4 it is impossible to get close to the white pawn because of 2. … Kb5 and after both sides capture pawns it is stalemate. 3.Kd5 (3. Kc5 a3 4.Kd5 Kb2 5.Kc4 Ka2 6.Kc3 Kb1 7.Kb3 a2…)a3 Getting as further as possible from the white king. And now white reaches his destination, but it is not his final goal. 4.Ke4!





Finally! The perfect position to trick the opponent is occupied. All that's left is for black king to take the pawn and it's over. Kb2 That's what we were waiting for! 5.Kd3 Ka1 6.Kc2 Yes! Yes! Yes!

That's awkward.

If you were playing with the black pieces, then this is the right time to start crying.


  I did not mention it, because it was obvious... For white to play with the pawn wasn't really an option.


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