My Best Games at Age 17

My Best Games at Age 17

WIM wild_cat99
Feb 28, 2017, 2:18 AM |

My seventeenth year, 2016, was the most successful year in my chess life. I was not only Asian champion but also ASEAN champion in Girls 18 age group. There are 2 best game I played in these tournaments:


In the first one, although my calculation is quite deep, but not accurate perfectly. For instance, at move 17, if white had been a computer, I would have failed in a losing position and been easily defeated. But my opponent is a real human, so a seductive free knight successfully attracted her.

My shortest game and most beautiful tactic in Asian Youth Championship 2016!
The following game is my best game ever in twelve years playing chess.
This is my last round in ASEAN championship, G20 group.​ My situation was: lost: silver; draw: co-champion; win: champion. I did not want to play a safe way which keeping an peaceful position. I was eager for proving myself against the highest players in this group. I was so highly enthusiastic, I worked real hard and created an unforgettable game.
 This move is NOT one of computer's suggestions


Let's see what'll happen next...


Believe me, I spent 25 minutes to calculate them all before throwing my rooks. How dare I? I don't know, it was such a long variation, it was so risky. I just listened to what my heart said, and moved. 


I'm so surprise that the computer can't find Ra2 is an amazing move until next...4 moves are played.


Finally, take back again...


Trust yourself, you are smarter than the computer! happy.png

Last words: Happy 18th birthday to me! I will always try my best, enjoy and never give up my dream, my passion, my favorite hobby: chess.