Jan 15, 2011, 2:08 AM |

As complicated as love and war
As easy as breathing
As simple as one, two, three
As difficult as teething

A battle for the giants
A challenge for the weak
A victory for the bold and strong
A celebration for the meek

A riddle for the wise
A lesson for the fool
A game that can make you hot
Yet with a demand to remain cool

A journey that can wears you out
Yet a medicine for the tired soul
A hobby that can consume your time
Winning can become your only goal

Brings out the best in people
Triggers the worst in you sometime
Can become a glorious song
For some an irritating chime

Can enhance a lovely friendship
Can also cause friction and strife
Can teach you many lessons
A metaphor about the issues of life

Brings joy to millions of people
Make lonely souls alive
Brings balance to the rush of life
Cause successful people to thrive

Will teach you strategies and schemes
As it forces you to think
A challenge for you to plan ahead
Less you want your boat to sink

A sport for the sharp and daring
A hobby for the rest
Yet for others it is an obsession
This game that put you constantly to the test  

A game for Kings and ordinary men
Entertainment for the low and grand
A constant pursuit to get better
Fanatics found in every land

Written by Wildia (25 Feb 2009)