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Endgame Studies: K+2P v K+2P (Part 3)

Nov 21, 2015, 4:01 AM 0

"Tomorrow" turns out to have been almost four years later, but I am taking up Fine's Basic Chess Endings where I left off, continuing with two pawns vs. two pawns in cases where neither side has a passed pawn. As with previous posts, it is highly recommended to use these diagrams in conjunction with the book.

No. 51 (White to play)

No. 51 (Black to play)

No. 52 (White to play)

No. 52a (Black to play)

No. 53 (White to play)

No. 53a (White to play)

No. 53b (White to play)

No. 53c (White to play)

No. 53d (Black to play)

No. 53e (White to play)

No. 53f (White to play)

No. 53f (Black to play)


This concludes Fine's examination of two pawn vs. two pawn endings. Next post will begin the study of two vs. three pawns.

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