Sicilian v. King's Indian Attack, with a coathanger and a breakneck finish

This is a Sicilian Defence vs. a King's Indian Attack in which I won due to, I believe, time pressure against Black, who I suspect played better than me otherwise.


Notable moments include a "coathanger" (pawn forking knight and bishop) on ply 15, a great little pawn gambit on ply 19, and a sudden reversal of fortune on ply 40.


Near the end, Black played under incredible time pressure. His last 15 or 20 moves were done with about 30 seconds on the clock throughout, staying alive through his allotted increments.


My question for you is this: Based on the position on ply 33, do you think Black could have won? Check out my (hopefully enlightening or at least mildly entertaining) in-game annotations.



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    @Andrew Yep! Good eye, mate, good eye. And a beautiful mate it would have been. I knew there was some forced mate in there. Lucky me indeed. Well. Lucky only in that I learned something despite winning. Ain't that just the key, right? Victory doesn't equal success. In fact, a lot of times, it blinds one to one's mistakes. So I try to be even more critical of my "wins" than I am of my "losses". Moral of the story, kids!

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    YES THERE IS! It is a forced continuation after 35...Rc1+, it is as follows:

    36. Kd3 Rc3+ 37. Ke4 Rb4+ 38. Kf5 Rxf3# 1-0 

    Lucky you ;)

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